altitude trampoline park

Junior High and High School students from every Desperation campus are welcome to join us for a night of fun and jumping at the Altitude Trampoline Park. 

Due to transportation, we are only able to take the first 50 students who register!

when: march 27

who: middle school – high school students

drop-off/pick-up location: college campus

cost: $30


2:45-3:00p         registration at cullman campus

3:00-3:45p         drive to Altitude Trampoline Park

3:45-4:00p         check-in at Altitude

4:00-5:45p         jump

5:45-6:00p         load the bus

6:00-6:45p         drive to cullman campus

6:45-7:00p         student pick-up

A waiver MUST be on file with Altitude for every student that plans on jumping. Fill out the waiver online by clicking here.

*Waivers will NOT be available at registration. All waivers MUST be filled out online with Altitude.*

register now

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