When will I hear if I was accepted?

Once applicants have completed a phone interview, they will receive a “yes” or a “no” within two weeks of the phone interview.

Is there a cost for Leadership U?

Yes. The tuition for the Leadership U programs are listed below.

Full-time LU tuition: $250

JV LU tuition: $75

All tuition is due by June 2nd, and it is non-refundable.

Can I hold an outside job while I am a LU student?

Yes, however, we ask that you only consider taking outside work if your job will in no way interfere with your responsibilities related to Leadership U.  

Is accommodation covered by Desperation Church?

No. Once accepted, Desperation and the Leadership U team will assist students with finding appropriate housing to the best of our ability. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of each applicant to ensure they have a place to live for the duration of Leadership U.

Do I need a car?

Although a car is not required, it is highly recommended. Each student will have responsibilities that require them to have guaranteed mobility. If you are unable to secure transport for the summer, it is important to ensure you are able to transport to wherever you are needed.

What does a normal week look like?

Full-time Leadership U students agree to a mandatory time commitment of approximately 25 hours per week (Sundays, Tuesdays-Thursdays).

Leadership U JV students agree to a mandatory time commitment of approximately 11 hours a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays).