nye lock-in

All junior high, high school, and college students from every Desperation campus will gather together to celebrate the new year. Students can expect to eat lots of food, have so much fun, and stay up ALL NIGHT! From 7 pm – 7 am we will have new surprises and new challenges for students to take part in.

when: december 31 – january 1

where: college campus

time: 7 pm – 7 am

cost: $20

A waiver MUST be on file for every student that registers for the lock-in. Waivers can be turned in at registration the night of the event.

Print a waiver ahead of time by clicking here.

register now

*The entire event will be supervised and controlled by Desperation Church staff and leaders for the safety and well-being of each student. Contact students@desperationchurch.tv with any questions!*

stay tuned on instagram (@desperationstudents) to stay up to date on all things desperation students and for more information about the lock-in and other upcoming events